Friday, April 10, 2015

End of Week 4

Hi all,

Happy Friday! As I said in the previous post, the team had the opportunity to visit Norwich Cathedral yesterday. Norwich Cathedral is a Norman Cathedral that was founded in 1096 by the Bishop Herbert de Losinga. Because it is almost 1,000 years old, the cathedral is filled with artwork, artifacts, and architecture from many different time periods. Rather than describing what's inside the cathedral, we thought it would be best to post a series of pictures below.

 The outside of the cathedral (including the spire!)

Facing east. 

 A work of modern art in the cathedral.

 The cathedral altar.

 The font by the main altar.

 Light passing through the colored glass windows.

The East Window.

 One of the cathedral chapels.

 1600s graffiti found outside of one of the chapels.

The stained glass window in the Friends of Norwich Cathedral Chapel.

Group picture!

We hoped you enjoyed our photos! Have a great weekend!

The AAiC IQP Team 

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